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Ditto marks

This may be obvious to everyone but the use of quote marks (which I take to mean "Ditto") does not seem to mean that. For example, in Llawhadden/Pembs Page 7 field 4 is called Great Croft and is 19 acres 1 Rood 10 perches. the next field 4 is called Little meadow and has the area " 1 rood 10 perches. By name and appearance it is much smaller so is clearly not 19 acres. How will the automatic system interpret the quote marks. I think in the above case the quotes stand for blank.


  • I've come across this sometimes in Denbs. and Caerns. and agree with you that it almost certainly denotes a blank column.
  • In columns with figures, the ditto marks are just placeholders. It represents "this box is intentionally blank".
    I suppose it originally served to satisfy both tax collector and tax payer that no extra figures had been slipped in at a later date.

    After attending a Cynefin open day, I left with the impression that these were ditto marks; but doing the arithmetic for a small holding, the numbers just didn't add up.
  • Yes, that's it. In columns with figures the mark means "blank" and in text fields the mark means ditto.
  • Agreed, in the figure column " means blank, or preferably zero. I have seen 0, zero, in these columns too.
  • But in other columns such as Field Use, does 'do' or " , mean same as in previous row ?
    If so, the computer might have trouble interpreting such entries as 'Arable and do' where the previous row had 'Pasture'. I interpret this as 'Arable and Pasture' But not sure what the computer makes of this.
  • Thanks for spotting this. I agree. We haven't programmed it yet. My plan is that dittos in text fields will be interpreted as "as above" but in numeric fields they should be blank or zero, that's what arithmetic tests suggest.
  • I have been confused by this and in general agree with your conclusions but is it possible there is a bit more to it than that? On the page I am working on now ( there is a " in the column State of Cultivation (row 343) next to House and Garden which if taken to mean ditto would indicate the house and garden (of less than an acre in extent) are counted as woodland..
  • In Clydau/Pembs there are many "partial dittos". Example: Park Syth followed on the next line by " canol, followed on the next line by " mawr, followed by about 10 more similar. I have taken this to mean that only Park is copied, otherwise the names would get longer and longer. I have expanded all these as it is probably easier for a human to interpret what is intended.
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