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Transcribing Typed Sheets

Hi, I'm trying to transcribe some of the sheets for the Upper Rhymney Valley however these sheets are typed not handwritten meaning a much smaller font so each box covers 2 or more lines of text and when I return to start the next entry it keeps trying to edit the previous line. Is there a short cut or other simple solution to reduce the size of the pick up box? Or a way to 'lock' a line so that it doesnt keep trying to edit the same data?




  • Hi Tim,

    Thank you for making us aware of this. We've come across a few of these typed sheets which are impossible to transcribe using our online system. Can you let me know which parishes in particular you've been having trouble with? We're still looking into what the best option will be to transcribe these typed documents - we've tried OCR but the best option will probably be for volunteers to enter the transcription data on a spreadsheet rather than online. If you'd be interested in doing it this way, can you get in touch with us on please? I can then send you the transcription spreadsheet. If you'd rather do the work online, feel free to carry on with another parish that is handwritten.

    Best wishes,
  • Bedwelty has this kind of problem
  • Have a look now! We have loaded new sheets in ten Monmouthshire parishes which should now be much easier to transcribe, including Bedwellty, Bassaleg, Mynyddislwyn...
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