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Farm Names

If an attempt is to be made to link Farm Names on apportionment sheets to those on maps, then I would imagine that the spelling should be consistent, i.e. the same, on each document. Where it is not, I confess to forcing consistency when the two differ.


  • How are you generating the link between these two data items, without a field number?
  • Hello Impvan,

    I have wondered about this myself. Nevertheless, on the instructions to Reviewers, in the section on Map Checking, there is ...

    "Transcription Review Procedure (Map) ...
    2) Check for untranscribed Farm names, transcribe or reject if there are too many ..."

    And, there was a remark at the last Aberystwyth meeting along the lines of: "We are looking at doing something with Farm Names ... ," but I cannot remember who said it.

    Also, we have already been told that the Farm Name must be in the column headed, "Name and Description, or, Lands and Premises", which is usually column 4.

    However, with the project ending this month, I'm not sure how any new developments can happen.
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