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More on Henllan P Lleweni Township and others Denbighshire.

To the Cynefin Team
When the new map was inserted, no reference was made to the field highlights already done. All the field number highlights are all shown in the correct relationship to each other, (I didn't notice this until I'd deleted about 60 highlights), but NOT in alignment with the map underneath when the map was being renewed. If, as I suspect, that the map and the field highlights are on different digital layers, is it possible for either of the two layers be moved in relation to the other. In relation to the field numbers done the map needs to be moved up the screen.
Failing this can the field highlighting layer be deleted and a blank one inserted and we can go through the map again highlighting the field numbers


  • Cynefin Team PLEASE don't do either of my suggestions on my previous post. I am deleting the field links off the map one by one.
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