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Review help

Can anyone help with the reviewing on some pages in Flintshire/Llanasa? There are two maps for this parish, but only one document - and duplicated field numbers. Using the document in the first indexed AD for Llanasa these field numbers have been given prefixes and checked by two of us so that they are now linking as much as possible to the map. Everything else has been checked as well, so they (and the map) just need "finishing" - but we can't do it because we are primary editors! Pages 1 - 22 if anyone can help. Thanks


  • Hi Pat,
    Have had a look at Llanasa Map 1 a nd Map 2 and there appears to be a couple of problems.
    1) The Map is for the adjusted apportionment, where fields have been subdivided to allow for land division by the railway and in some cases small areas of land have been added to another field number.
    The Apportionment document applies to the original Apportionment not the map.
    2) You are going to be cursing me for this for that I can only make apologies.
    a) There is a duplication of field numbers between map 1 and 2 for Llanasa therefore there is a need to give the field numbers in the second map a prefix. However, on each map the field numbers are consecutive so there is no need to prefix field numbers according to their Township.
    So its only necessary for all the field numbers on map 2 to have a prefix.

    b) There is a duplication of field numbers on Map 1, the one with railway land enlargements. They are repeated on both of the enlargements. One enlargement is for the railway and the other for the tramway. Neither enlargement needs the fields highlighting as only one field number will link to the document.
    For what they are worth those are my comments.
    What I would suggest is to e-mail Einion at Cynefin,for his opinion as to what to do as document and map don't match.
    Sorry to add to your original request
  • Had spoken to Einion previously about this and thought we had done what he suggested - looks like wires got crossed! Thanks, will email him and refer him to your comments.
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