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Begelly and East Williamston, Pembs

Would I be correct in thinking that the above parish map and appropriation sheets need A and B prefixes against the field numbers?


  • Morning Colin,
    I would suggest contacting Einion or Carys at the Cynefin Team and see if they are able to
    1 - Rename the maps East Williamston and Begelly. There are two maps under the parish name Begelly and East Williamston. Under the Tithe Map Tab under Pembroke the first map is for East Williamston.
    2 - Split the Apportionment document at Page26/(25). The second number is the one written by hand. So that Begelly document is from Pg 5(4) to Page 26/(25) and the East Williamston Document from Page 27/(26) to the end.

    If this is not possible then I would suggest adding the prefix A to the Field Numbers for Begelly Parish as there are 661 fields as opposed to the 936 fields for East Williamston. Obviously to link the map to the document then all the field numbers Pg 5(4) to Pg 26/(25) will also need renumbering. The field numbers for East Williamston will then not need to change as you will have two discrete sets of numbers.
  • Thanks for your attention to this problem Wynne.
    There are some tricky jobs to be done in order to complete the project at this relatively late stage.
Arwyddo i mewn neu gofrestru i wneud sylwadau.