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Several of the Cydweli/Kidwelly transcription sheets do not look good. What's the best way to tackle a Field No. entry that reads 980 to 999 for example, (there are many like this). 980-999 can be found on sheet 16 for that parish (in Carmarthenshire).


  • Looking more closely on sheet 1, I now see how the map and the apportionment sheet is marked up to tackle this. See for example the first two entries on sheet 1.
  • Provided the field number text on the map exactly matches the entry in the Apportionment, the linkage will work.

    Where there's just one or two combined fields, I would split them onto separate lines. With your example however, there obviously isn't space to do this.

    Instead, tackle the map... I would delete the individual field numbers for 980 to 999 and then re-tag the fields under a single label "980 to 999".

    I'll try it on the actual document and see how it works...

  • impvan
    It will be interesting to see how the website
    deals with the method you suggested.
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