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Acreages of landuse

I am looking at Lambston Parish in Pembrokeshire. If you look at the summary information at the start of the apportionment the surveyor says there are 470 acres of arable land. But if you painstakingly add the acreages of the fields marked as arable in the apportionment you get 1176 acres - given that the parish is only about 7500 acres as a whole, this seems unlikely - what am I missing? I may have added a few wrong but I get past 470 with just three of the bigger farms!


  • Where did you find the summary? I understood they were all stripped out.

    As an aside, though all pages are marked 'finished', found quite a few errors...
  • I have the summary from a photocopy that NLW supplied years ago. I think there are errors but I am not sure what the process is.
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