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Flemingston, Glam

Can somebody throw some light on the transcription sheets for Flemingston, Glamorganshire. Set 51-32
The numbering starts off with Sheet No 4 and this group finishes at No 7., but it then restarts at a new No 4, in different handwriting and finishes at No. 13.
Also, there are numerous duplicate Field Numbers; consequently there are many Fields that cannot link to the map.
Any thoughts?


  • The first 4 pages numbered 4, 5, 6 and 7 relate to Flemingston. I have no idea to which parish the remaining sheets relate.
    If you scroll down from the first Sheet 7, the next sheet is sheet 4 and you can see the difference in the writing.
    Any page with a field number greater than 137 does not relate to Flemingston.
    Hope this helps
  • Wynne,

    Thank you for giving some thought to this problem. The next step is to consider what could be done to rectify the duplication.
    How about this to enable the missing links for the "real" Flemingston to become active:

    Deliberately spoil the links which appear to be valid for the second set of sheets 4-13.

    I have tried this by putting an unexpected character in front of the 3, namely ?, so it is now ?3 on page 8, (second set). As a result this 3 on page 8 no longer links, but the 3 on page 4, (Set 1), is now properly linked.

    I propose that I should repeat this exercise for all other linked fields in the set of sheets 4-13. Agree?
  • Sometimes the use of "unexpected characters" renders the box invalid and nothing will be held in the database. I would suggest a valid character such as 'A' as a prefix as has been necessary on some parishes with the numbering starting at 1 for each township on the map. Then at sometime the Cynefin team may be able to find to which parish the information relates and be able to strip out the prefix letter in the database and thus render the information valid.
  • Thanks Wynne, I'll ad an 'A' as you suggest.
Arwyddo i mewn neu gofrestru i wneud sylwadau.