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Flintshire Review

Trying hard to get this county finished by the end of the month with a bit still to do, but there are now quite a lot of pages we Flintshire reviewers cannot finish as we are primary editors. Can anyone else help?


  • Any particular parishes Pat? The nightly update doesn't seem to be running every night so tricky to spot gaps. I'll switch over to Flintshire now for a bit
    PS Monmouthshire needs a bit of help for the same reason!
  • As at tonight we have 3 pages left in the Nannerch parish, and the townships of Gwsaney and Gwernafield within the Mold parish. Mold parish is large and split into several maps with one AD - unfortunately it doesn't give the township in the index title. I think Gwsaney is number 10 on the list. Anything you could do would be appreciated. Will try to look at Monmouthshire over the next few days though we still have a couple more large parishes yet to start on.
Arwyddo i mewn neu gofrestru i wneud sylwadau.