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Date of tithe map

Is this shown anywhere on Cynefin? My interest is Meline parish Pembrokeshire.


  • The map information was executed 14 October 1842
  • Diolch Wynne, but did you find the information on the Cynefin site?
  • Bottom right hand corner of the Tithe Map
  • Diolch Wynne. It is written in very small writing and on other local maps its at different locations. I suggest that basic information such as the dates of all the tithe maps should have been transcribed in the Cynefin project.
    Would the same date apply to the Apportionments? I cannot find such a date on the Meline Apportionments.
  • I would assume that the Apportionment would be dated the same as the map, but have not found any date as yet to prove it.
    I would suggest that you look in the Comments column of the Apportionment.
  • I cannot access the Meline apportionments as they are under review. Many years ago I recall a long preamble before the start of the actual Apportionments which does not seem to have been included in Cynefin; perhaps the date of apportionments can be found there.
    My interest is in John David (Davies) of Parcymeirig, Meline who was alive on 16 Feb 1840 and but deceased by 6 June 1841. A John David can be found in the Apportionments at the site of Parcymeirig on the tithe map. As the map was executed in late 1842 can this be the same person or were the apportionments carried out before his death?
  • Sorry Reginald, I can't help with that. Maybe the answer will be found when Cynefin is published and they might include the pages from the front and back of the Apportionment Book at the same time?
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