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Mening of filed name "Clift"

Has anyone a good translation of the term "Clift"? I cannot find it in any dictionary. I thought it might be "Clist" (ear-shaped or handle). Then in Haroldston West (Pembs) I find it many times sometimes input as Clift and sometimes as "Cliff" which it could be as some of the areas are on the sea edge.


  • According to "" a "clift" is Middle English (1350-1400),an alternation of "cliff".
    Another source, Merriam-Webster,the American dictionary, states that it is an archaic or dialectal variant of "cleft".A "cleft" is a space or opening made by or as if by splitting.
    Perhaps therefore, a space or splitting of a rock in the geological sense?
  • Its a geologic term used on old mining maps, I think it means mudstones or shales as they are also called, old shaft drawings show the seams of minerals and Hard "clift" roof, check the Welsh shaft sections on the BGS site. "clunch" is another term often seen.
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