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Sheets with two pages in Monmouthshire

Is there a planned upload to deal with the sheets that have a left and right hand page in Monouthshire (Undy etc.) Should we carry on doing the left hand side as some people have started or wait until the pages have been split? many thanks


  • I'd leave them alone; most double typed sheets have been split, Undy has been missed and I've emailed recently about the same issue with Penhow so they are aware.
  • Thanks for pointing these out. (I've been concentrating on maps up until now.)
    Have you noticed any others apart from Undy and Penhow which need to be split?
  • Llansawel yn Sir Gar angen splito - 2 tudale i 4 tudalen
  • Also St Bride's Wentlloog, Monmouthshire
  • Thanks for that. As you can tell, we're struggling with this even though we've solved a few of them.
  • Add Tredunnock to the list; 3 sheets in total, 1 has been inputted and reviewed, but the first 2 need to be split
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