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ADMINS! Big problem with Caerns/Llanbedrog &c...

...and only YOU can resolve it!

There is one Apportionment, and three maps for the three included parishes.

Unlike in other multi-map parishes, the Field Numbers in these three maps are *not exclusive*; i.e. there are three field no.1, three field no. 2 etc.

This means that the links are being formed between fields in one parish and the apportionments for a different parish!
e.g 1 acre woodland is being linked to 50 acre mountain allotment...

Would you kindly SPLIT the apportionment into three, as the original appears to have been. Portions are as follows on AD48-31:
Llanbedrog pp1 to 19;
Llangian pp23 to 64;
Llanfihangel Bachellaeth pp72 to 90.

The maps in order on the County page are in the order:


  • Thanks very much for pointing this out. It's not a unique problem, there are others like this e.g. Llanbadarn, Llanfihangel Genau'r Glyn, Meifod. Your suggestion is the best solution but unfortunately I haven't been able to convince or systems staff to reorganise these pages, it is not a trivial task.

    There is an alternative more laborious fix which we have applied elsewhere and that is to insert a letter before the number, this is copying what the tithe mappers did themselves in other areas. We also leave out the one with most pages, which from your information looks like it is Llangian.

    The solution therefore is to insert an "A" before all the field numbers in Llanbedrog map and pages, and a "C" before the field numbers in Llanfihangel Bachellaeth map and pages.

    I know this is an inferior and laborious solution, but do you think it can be done?


  • Not elegant, but functional :)
  • I did raise this as an issue several months ago when I first realised that there was a serious problem here (as a major transcriber of this pa.) Am really sorry to read that there is no easy solution!
  • Is this not the case for Llangynwyd, Glamorganshire too? Many field numbers appear more than once on the Apportionment documents.
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