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More than One Apportionment

Radnorshire - Old Radnor
On Pg 66 the altered Apportionment starts for this parish. On Page 70 the 2nd Apportionment schedule starts .
Some field numbers occur more than once.
Without looking at each in detail I would assume that the final apportionment starting at Page 70 (printed not manuscript page number) would be the final apportionment for the fields it contains.

Do you want the original apportionment document completed or either or both of the Altered or Stated 2 apportionment documents also completed ?
I am transcribing Page 20/24 at the moment (Page number 20 in manuscript Page 24 printed) and have come across this anomaly but only because Janet Cormack has started transcribing pages at Page 71 Second Schedule.
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