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Points outside the digital boundary!

Henllan P.
Bannister Issaf T
I dont know how but somehow a reference point has previously been placed outside the digital map boundary at the Top Left hand corner.
Is it possible for the Team to remove it? I've tried and failed.


  • That's a very interesting part of the Cynefin world, I can't see the problem you've got, did you eventually succeed?
    Anyway there are plenty of other issues up there. We are imminently going to replace the other Henllan map, our version is missing Henllan village but we got a more complete version from Denbighshire Archives. I think there's one map in the wrong place as well, we'll sort this out next week hopefully.
    All the best
  • I think I've solved it, had to do it in another map, you must have sorted out Bannister Isaf yourself. You have to extend the clipping so that it does include the point, temporarily, delete it, then pull back the clip, if that makes sense
  • I still can't delete the point. It is still ghosted at the South west corner to the south and west of Point 47, (near to Denbigh Hospital) The problem is that this point relates to NO defined point on the OS map and may cause a problem when TPS is invoked.
  • OK I've seen it now. I can't delete it either. With any luck it doesn't affect the TPS. We should be able to confirm this easily with our outputs. I'll be back looking closely at this when we load the next Henllan map, hopefully very soon. I don't think it's replacing this one though.
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