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Llanbadarn Fawr Map Labels

Perhaps this has been covered before ...
Looking at the map of Llanbadarn Fawr and its Field Numbers, I see that many pure numbers are transcribed with a prefix capital letter or other non numeric character, e.g. £, C, H, G etc. Consequently the Field Numbers, which are pure numbers, on some Appropriation sheets, will not link to the transcribed data from the Maps.
For example, if you look at the Field at the most extreme bottom left of the map, you will see Field Number 233 transcribed as £233
Am I missing something discussed earlier before I joined? If so, how should the Field Numbers on the Appropriation sheets be entered?


  • Whilst working on Llanbadarn Fawr (46--29) No 139, I can now see why there are prefixes added by Cynefin transcribers to map field numbers. This is because the map uses some sets of numbers - at least twice.
    For example, my No 579 (on sheet 139), located in the SE corner of the map, does not link because there is another 579 at Pont Erwyd on sheet 114, (located in the north of the map) successfully linked to its apportionment sheet.
    I think I had better pass on this Parish until somebody sorts out what prefixes should be used for the different areas of the map.
  • There are 13 areas on the map representing the hamlets/townships of Llanbadarn.
    If you want to work on that map then Page 93 is probably a good place to start. From Page 88 to 119 is No 8 Area Croyethen Issa. The pages up to 118 have not been transcribed. The Field number requires an H prefix (its the 8th Area)
    Area 9 Prefix J starts Page 120
    Area 10 Prefix K starts 151
    Area 11 Prefix L - Pg 174
    Area 12 Prefix M - Pg 195
    Area 13 Prefix N - Pg 211

    There is NO Prefix I for obvious reasons

    Each Township limit is marked on the map, so you should have no problem attaching the correct prefix to the Field no. on the map; just maske sure that you are on the correct set of pages of the Apportionment document for the Township you are working on.

    Hope this helps
  • Thanks for the explanation, Wynne.
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