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Repairing poorly transcribed pages

In Caernarfonshire there are a number of parishes where transcribers have made mistakes in entering data in the correct fields and/or have not entered data other than personal and place names. It's very hard to correct this and complete the rows - is there any way of deleting complete pages (rather than just lines) where this has happened? Has anyone found a solution that is less laborious? Is there a better way of tackling this?


  • I've only ever been able to delete single lines too.

    I suspect wiping whole pages is an Admins-only privilege...
  • I wonder whether a page deletion could be done by request to Cynefin. Deleting a whole page might be a security issue - just imagine if a well-meaning repairer hit the button on a good page. However, I do agree that page repair is a time consuming business, sometimes taking longer than starting afresh.
  • Hi.
    I'm afraid wiping whole pages is not an admins-only privilege.
    The best we can do is a line at a time. There are some pages which need deletion, we know, and it is likely to take a while. Fortunately it's relatively few considering how many pages there are.
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