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'do' and 'Co Co' in Field name

I've come across what looks like 'do' a few times, in the Field name column e.g. "Pt of Penlan do". Any ideas?!

Also in Field name, what looks like 'Co Co' e.g. field B1132 on Llansadwrn, Carmarthen map.


  • I have taken "do" to stand for "ditto" and the strange sign a bit like Co to be etc. Would these make any sense in your names? What i take to be etc has usually been in descriptions like "Cottage, garden etc"

  • B1132: what looks like Co is actually Do. =ditto.

    Use the orange '+' button to zoom in and you can see the pen strokes more clearly.

    etc. in the 1830's was more often handwritten as "&c", but I suppose the advent of moveable type pushed usage towards standard case letters?

    I had some Scottish land conveyed last year, and "&c" is still used in the new Scottish land documents.
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