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Linking data

Sorry if this has already been asked somewhere - I've looked but couldn't see anything. Do I need to do anything to link the data (the field number with the written entry)? It looks like some of my work has been linked automatically but most of it is still 'unlinked'. Diolch!


  • It'll only link automatically if the tag on the map and the field name match *exactly*.
    If there are duplicated field numbers, it'll only link to the first one it comes across.

    Post up an example an we can diagnose further....
  • OK, have stalked you to take a look...

    What a horrible document!

    Llansadwrn Page1
    Line2: field 848. This one hasn't linked because 848 isn't tagged on the map.

    Line3: This one hasn't linked because the AD's field name covers a collection of map fields... and its the same throughout the AD....

    Perhaps PM the admins for guidance on this one.

    (Myself, I think I'd redraft the map tags to enclose these grouped fields as a single entity, thereby creating the link.)
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