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Cynefin is featuring in Who Do You Think You Are Magazine's "Transcription Tuesday" (alongside a few other rivals!) next Tuesday the 17th of January. The idea is that a lot of people transcribe that day and we'll see how much work can get done.
See their page here, where you can also register:


  • Hello Einion, Do I need to re-register to take part in this event, or just log in and input as usual?
  • edited January 2017
    You don't need to re-register with Cynefin. You can register with the magazine if you wish, or just log in and input as usual, it's up to you.
    There's a button on the bottom of this page to register with the magazine:
  • I'll post a few areas here we think need transcribing, in case anybody is looking around:
    Caernarfon : Mellteyrn
    Denbigh : Llanfwrog (fairly clear)
    Monmouthshire: Skenfrith
  • Thanks very much to all of you who took part yesterday (62 of you), an amazing 183 pages were transcribed in a record breaking 92 hours of volunteer activity.
    For those who like statistics we've crossed 85% of the pages edited now -that's 24,306 pages transcribed out of a total of 28,433. A huge thanks to all of you for that.
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