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Maps and apportionments do not match

I'm working on Llanbedrog, Llangian and Llanfihangel Bachellaeth in co Caernarfon and have noticed several incidents of obvious mismatch; it may be that none of them match but so far I've noticed a chapel on the apportionment which shows as a moderate field on the map and a homestead showing as a substantial field, for example. Not sure whether it is worth carrying on with this one, as a result?


  • Further to this, posted about 6 weeks ago, I think I now understand that what the issue is that although there is one long apportionment for all 3 parishes conjoined, there are 3 separate maps and I should have probably (almost certainly) swapped maps as I moved from one parish to the next. Unfortunately this didn't occur to me until rather late in the exercise. I would love to hear from an administrator that they have a way of linking the apportionment nos. to the correct maps! I can't see any way of rectifying it myself other than deleting 50 odd pages of apportionments and 3 completely marked up maps, which seems (I sincerely hope) far too extreme!
  • My advice would be to Leave as is.
    It will be up to the Cynefin team to break up the Apportionment Document into the three parishes because there are three Field No. 1; three Field No. 2 and so on. There are three separate maps, so all it requires is for the Apportionment to be divided
    Llanbedrog Pages 1 - 19
    Llangian Pages 23 - 64
    Llanfihangel Bachellaeth Pages 72 - 90
    Map No 1 in the Tithe Maps list of three is Llangian Parish
    Map No 2 in the list is Llanbedrog and
    Map No 3 in the list is Llanfihangel.....
    NOT in the order Llanbedrog, Llangian and Llanfihangel Bachellaeth as titled

    The apparent missing pages are the Summary Sheets which the Cynefin Team have removed from screen, as when they were included some people were transcribing them.
    Hope this helps
  • Having had another look at this I would suggest that until The Cynefin Team have the time to split the Apportionment Document, if they will do such a thing, then your best efforts would be to concentrate on the largest Parish, Llangian of 42 pages the other two have 19 and 18 pages respectively and await The Teams comments.
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