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Denbighshire. Llangollen Fawr, Llangollen Abad, Bachau Rhisgog & Cysyllte again

Morning Cynefin Team again.
There's a further problem with these five townships
The Apportionments for the Five Townships are in one document so that there are five Field No. 1 etc.
(This is a similar problem to Ruabon almost 12 months ago.)
But in this instance All Five Township maps have had the field numbers highlighted.

Rather than go through all the highlighting for every field in four of the five townships again and adding a prefix, is it possible for the Apportionment document to be divided in to 5 pieces, one for each township?
Llangollen Fawr T. - Pages 1 to 5
Llangollen Abad T. - Pages 6 to 12
Bachau T. - Pages 13 to 26
Rhisgog T. - Pages 27 to 29
Cysylltau T. - Pages 30 to 39

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