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Ordering of Townships in Tithe Maps Lists for Llangollen Fawr, Denbighshire

Morning Cynefin Team.
Denbighshire. Llangollen Parish : Llangollen Fawr T, etc
Norma started on the Transcription of Llangollen Fawr before me and realised after a few lines that the Apportionment document she was transcribing did not match the map and stopped.
The order is as follows

Llan. Fawr - Map and Apportionment Part 1: Appears as Llangollen Fawr Map 2.
Llangollen Abad - Map & App. Part 2: Appears as Llangollen Fawr Map 3
Bachau - Map and App. Part 3: Appears as Llangollen Fawr Map 4
Rhisgog - Map & App Part 4: Appears as Llangollen Fawr Map 1
Cysylltau - Map & App Part 5 of 6: Appears as Llangollen Fawr Map 5

As you can see from above Cysylltau is the only Township Apportionment to match its position in your list on the Tithe Maps page for Denbighshire ie. Part 5 and also Map 5.
Could the order on the List for Llangollen Fawr be changed please so that Part 1 matched Map 1, Part 2 matched Map 2 etc?

The second query: Is there supposed to be a sixth map as suggested by the Title block of each township. They all say Part 1 of 6 etc but only 5 maps are available under Llangollen Fawr.

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