Unlocking the Chartist Trials

176 years ago, in November 1839, the authorities were calling people into the Westgate Hotel to record their testimonials. Most would not admit to supporting Chartism while the ringleaders stood accused of committing high treason. These testimonials give us a real sense of events unfolding in the days and weeks leading up to the uprising.

This film was created as part of Cynefin’s Trails to Trials project. It uses local actors and community members to read some of the words given as testimony by over 250 people in the days following fatal events at the Westgate Hotel during the uprising in Newport on 4th November 1839.

The film focuses on the people who made history as part of the Chartist uprising in the Gwent valleys and Newport at the beginning of Queen Victoria’s reign, and celebrates the voices of ordinary men and women.

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