About Tithe Maps

Help us to transcribe, georeference and clip the tithe maps online. Start by reading our volunteer guidelines for instructions on how to contribute online. This will allow us to create a unified tithe map of Wales that can be overlaid accurately on other maps, such as historic OS maps and satellite maps. This will revolutionise the way people over the world can access and research Wales’ tithe maps.


Facts about tithe maps:

  • Tithe maps were produced between 1838 and 1850 following the Tithe Commutation Act of 1836 as a part of the process to ensure that all tithes were paid with money rather than produce.
  • They are the most detailed maps of their period
  • There are over a thousand tithe maps
  • The tithe maps cover more than 95% of Wales
  • The maps vary in detail and many of them do not have place names on them
  • All tithe maps have associated apportionment documents which indicate how much tithe was due by the affected residents.
  • There are generally three copies of all tithe maps. One was provided for the Tithe Commissioners, which now live at the The National Archives. A local copy originally produced for the local church is now often held by local archives. A copy was also made for the diocesian registry and that is the copy which is now at the National Library of Wales. This is the copy which is generally used for this project where possible.