Over a million records transcribed by volunteers for historical mapping project

As the festivities of Volunteers’ Week take place from 1st – 12th June this year, the Cynefin project is celebrating reaching a milestone of a staggering  one million records being transcribed by their volunteer base of over 800 people.

Over the past three years, Cynefin has been digitising the tithe maps of Wales – a collection of over 1,200 historical maps from the 1840s.  The tithe maps have then been placed online on the cynefin.wales website, along with tithe records which name landowners, land occupiers, field names and land uses, also from the 1840s.

Volunteers from all over Wales, and indeed across the world, have been helping the project online by transcribing the wealth of information which is captured by these fascinating maps and documents.

Carys Evans, Cynefin’s volunteer coordinator said: “We’re so pleased to be able to celebrate the achievement of our volunteers during Volunteers Week. The milestone of over a million records being transcribed is a real testament to the dedication of our volunteers and the power of online crowdsourcing.”

Anyone with an interest in maps or the history of Wales, or anyone who’s looking for a volunteering opportunity to carry out from home, are encouraged to visit the cynefin.wales website. No prior knowledge is needed to start volunteering and there are easy to follow guidelines online.

Menna Evans, one of the project’s volunteers said: “If anyone’s thinking of volunteering, I would say do it, because you’re not only looking at your own family history, you’re contributing to the history of a nation.”

Carys added: “We’re hoping that this great achievement will inspire others to get involved. It’s a great opportunity for those who wish to volunteer but for one reason or other are unable to commit to the more traditional volunteering role. The nature of crowdsourcing means that you can contribute as and when suits your lifestyle, and it can all be done from the comfort of your own home.”

Help map the history of Wales by visiting cynefin.wales.


For further information contact cynefin@llgc.org.uk or 01970 632 416

To find out more visit the website: cynefin.wales; follow Cynefin on twitter @CynefinProject, or contact cynefin@llgc.org.uk or 01970 632 416.

The Cynefin project is run by a partnership led by Archives Wales, and also includes the National Library of Wales and People’s Collection Wales.  The project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund; with support also from the Welsh Government through the Museums, Archives and Libraries Division; the National Library of Wales and Archives Wales.

Further information about Volunteers’ Week is available at http://volunteersweek.org/


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