Cynefin Lives On

Thanks everybody for all your excellent work on the Cynefin project. All the contributions to this project can now be seen on NLW’s new website

The map below shows how the maps have been cut and positioned (and warped) by our volunteers.


The full version of the above map including the detailed scans can be seen on the new website.

However, this is not the end of Cynefin. We will keep the website alive for a few more months. If you therefore see a few errors on the website, you can go to and make corrections. These corrections will be loaded onto in September. Improvements are possible on the georeferencing, but it is not likely to be easy, it’s a matter of discovering individual points in areas with limited geographical information. Some corrections are also possible in the text, although again, this is not easy to find. See the forum for any problems which have been discovered. All corrections will be much appreciated.

There are other crowdsourcing volunteering opportunities available, have a look at the very different material – documents from Chartist court cases in the 1840s on

Another project which is nearing completion is the Wales’ Book of Rememberance where volunteers are transcribing the names of soldiers of Welsh origin, or serving in a Welsh battalion, who lost their lives in the Great War. They are also interested in getting help in their final push for completion.

The National Library of Wales will have new crowdsourcing platform with new projects starting in September. Contact for more information about this.

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