Cynefin to Continue until June

Those who have watched how the work on Cynefin is progressing will have noticed that the work is almost complete now, and the obvious question is how much time is left?
The answer is that we intend to work on this project until June. There are 800 pages left to transcribe, which sounds like a lot, but shouldn’t be a problem to a team who have already transcribed 27,600 pages. The other challenge is to review the pages. That is indicated by the green bars in the charts below.


Who was first to finish? Well in Anglesey there was an excellent team of volunteers in the local Record Office who worked regularly on their material. After they finished transcribing they were registered as reviewers and they completed that work as well. Close behind them was another excellent team of volunteers in Flintshire Record Office, who also completed their county a while ago, but have some reviewing to do. Volunteers are also free of course to help out in other counties, for which we are very grateful.


Cynefin’s main challenge now is to review the pages for the rest of Wales. People who are already volunteering on the Cynefin system are welcome to register as volunteers, if you would like to join contact

When the work is completed it will be possible to see and search all of this data on the new Places of Wales Website which is currently being developed at the National Library of Wales. All the field names will also be transferred to the Welsh Place Name website which is run by the Royal Commission for Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales. Users of all these websites will owe a debt of gratitude to the Cynefin volunteers for their excellent work.

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