Anglesey almost completed

There’s over five months to go with Cynefin and it looks like Anglesey will be the first county to be completed.


The parishes seen on this map were drawn by Cynefin website volunteers who clipped the tithe maps to the shapes shown. You can see a few gaps where maps have not been loaded yet, in Llangefni and Gwredog. We expect these to be loaded this week.

There is some overlapping and gaps between the maps, and in most cases it’s possible to tidy this up by clipping or georeferencing, accurate goereferencing points near the boundaries of these maps would help.

However, there are some areas which don’t have tithe at all, and where there is no map either, but as you see above, these are relatively small areas. One is Bodewryd in the north of the island, where Lord Stanley arranged to pay tithe to himself, and avoided the need for a tithe map. There were also no tithes payable in Llannerch y Medd.

Anybody can join in to do this detailed but interesting work on the website:

Anglesey apportionment documents are also almost complete, but there are a few individual pages which haven’t been transcribed: Beaumaris, Gwredog, Llanbabo, Llanfachreth (2nd page), Llanfigel, Llanfflewin, Llangaffo, Llangwyllog, Rhosmynach

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